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Welcome back to Forever Young and Married Blog. Today I want to share with you guys about 4 easy ways to save on wedding venues.

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It not that long ago when Emanuel and I were planning for our wedding. We were trying to pick a venue that had everything we needed and more. Having to shop around for catering and décor was not an option. We were looking for that wow factor, but on a low budget too. That’s when we created a list of must have when it comes to our wedding venue. We definitely ended up over spending on our wedding venue, but I really think it was worth it. Today I am going to share some tips on saving when picking a wedding venue. Now some of these tips we did and some of these tips I wish we would’ve did.

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  1. Keep the number of invites low. To save on the catering at the venue do not invite everybody to the wedding. Only invite your closing family and friends. This is one rule I stuck by. I feel that weddings are very important and should only be shared with close love ones.
  2. Set your wedding date on a weekday. OMG! You can save so much money when you get married Monday-Thursday. For example, I know a venue place that charge about $400 during the week to use their building, but charge a $1000 to use the building on the weekend. Some places make you use their catering company when you decide to get married on the weekend. Like the place we got married at had that as a requirement when using their venue on a Saturday. I wasn’t complaining about the food choices I had with my venue, but I know I probably could’ve got more bang for my buck if I would have use another wedding catering company.
  3. Shop around. One place that I didn’t know about that I would have loved to have my wedding at was a golf course. I know you probably thinking like a golf course. Yes! A Golf Course. Golf course have space for you to have wedding at and a few here in Memphis doesn’t charge you for using their building ,but just for using their catering which can save you up to $1000 or more to spend on that honey moon. You can get a really good deal at golf course place.
  4. Last, getting married at home or in a park will save you ton of money. Theses places are differently inexpensive. The park can cost you any where from $25- $100 depending on how much it cost you to get a permit in your city and your backyard and home is free. You could rent out some tents and chairs and spend up to $500 depending on where you rent your supplies.

All of theses things are great ways to save on your wedding venue. Please remember that your wedding day is about the vows you share among each other and god. Never forget to put god first in your marriage because the devil is definitely busy trying to destroy it. Thanks again for stopping by and reading these wedding venue money savers.

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Please leave a comment and tell me about what you doing or did to save on wedding venues.

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