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Welcome back to Forever Young and Married Blog. Today I want to show you guys the easy way to budget save.

Now I wish somebody could’ve gave me this speech or heads up on how important it is to save. Especially to start saving at a very young age. Saving is so important for everybody. You never know what life is going to throw you so it important to be able to plan ahead. Now I know you think I can’t afford to save any money, but the devil is a lie!!!

You can save off of any paycheck and still survive.

First. You need to write down all of your bills for the month and add up how much money you make in a month.

Below is just example:

Rent $400

Cable $135

Car Insurance $100

Cell Phone $100

Personal Loan $300

Total: $1035

Monthly Income was $2400-1035=$1365 is the amount you have left over for you.

Now when you break your income down like this it makes you really thinks where is your money actually going. For me it was going on food and shopping. I thought to myself enough is enough. No more shopping and eating out I had to make a change. I needed a reasonable budget that I could live off of it. I decided to cut back on the things I was doing at first and change my spending.

  1. Give your self a weekly budget.

I found giving myself a weekly budget was easy for me to achieve. Since it is short-term goal you are more likely to keep it. At the time I look at my daily spending and decided what would be acceptable for my to spend week to week. I decided to give myself a $100 weekly budget. Now everywhere I didn’t spend $100, but that would be the max I would want to spend for the week. This goal was very easy for me to keep because it was something that I held myself accountable for at the end of the week. Sign up for my email list and I will send over a Weekly Budget Form for you to get started doing today.

  1. Try to save about HALF of your remaining balance.

So, for me I would try to save about $600 or more a month. If you can save more than half then do that. I found it easy to set all my major bills up for the first of the month and save a nice buck of my money from the second check of the month. When you divid your bills up and get them out the way early you can save more when you will be able to see major of your check on the second month check. Always remember to  save as much as you can.

My rule of thumb is to save at least 6 months of bill money for any hard time that you will not be able to prepare for. You never know what could happen with your job or spouse and that money can stop rolling in at any second. If you have 6 months of your bill money saved up then you will be better off financially.

  1. Enjoy Life

Don’t forget to live. Just because you are saving doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy life or eat out. The whole point of saving this way is to cut back, but still enjoy life. Instead of spending money on food 12 dollars on a meal spend 5. I know you might not think $7 is a big deal, but remember every dollar count.

Please leave a comment below and let us know how you save money. Saving money is very important for living a comfortable life in the long run. Don’t forget to sign up for email list for the free printable weekly budget log, so you can get started today.

Comment below and let us know what ways you are trying to save money that has been working for you. We would love to hear about it.

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