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Welcome back to Forever Young and Married Blog. Today I want to share with you guys on the how to make money within first few months of blogging.

Starting a blog is not hard at all to do. I started the process of blogging in January 2017. Which was easier to do than to actually launch the blog, but in the process of getting it together their was three people that really gave me the inspiration to jump right on it to start by blog. Now I am not going to act like I started this blog yesterday and it was extreme easy. No!!!!! I took the advice of theses three other blogs who did it and it turned out great for them. To have a solid foundation you must be positive and dedicated to your blogs brand. Your blog is your business and you must treat it as one. Below I will list the three blogs that made me say hey this year is my year and lets go for it.

  1. Chasing Foxes

This blog is really the blog that made me say hey you know what I can do it too. I love how transparent they are in their blog. This blog is fairly new and give a lot of great advice. I know one great advice that they give that it is possible for anybody to turn their blog into income with the right amount work. One thing that stood out to me about the advice they are is how to be prepared to run a blog. They show their income reports from the very beginning and they tell you the ins and outs of what has been working for them. If it were anybody to be inspired by it would be theses guys, because they are new to the game and they are taking control of it.

Their first Two-month of blogging income report was $500. Now they have made over $15,000 a month blogging and it will not stop there. Check the link below to check out the blog post that got me excited and ready to start my blog.


  1. TheMilliondollarmama

Now the new person that had a huge impact on me started my blog was the million dollar mama. When she did her first income report in her third month of blogging she had only made $297. While it might not sound like much to you. It is definitely a lot to a life of blogger. It means that you are heading in the right direction to make some serious coins. Always remember to celebrate any wins that you have in your blog, life and business. It will keep you motivate. A quote that she gave from Elite Blog Academy really stood out to me. She stated, “ don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle. That really stood out to me because people look at other successful and say oh no I could never do that or be that successful.

While I am here to tell you yes you can. Everybody has to start some where to get to where they are today. That’s why I really like the milliondollarmama because she is to transparency just like chasing foxes blog. She took her first income report and broke it down for everyone that wanted to know how she did it. She even listed the affiliate programs that she is using for her blog and what didn’t work for it. To get more information on how she started her income rolling in her third month of blogging check out the link before.


  1. Allisonlindstrom blog

Last, but not least I ran across another lady page while I was in the mist of starting my blog. Allison made $200 in her first three months of blogging and that was just the beginning for her. In her blog she really made you think when it came down to started your blog. She broke down her approach and mindset on how she started the money making blog. She talks about how she change Affiliate programs because she notice it wasn’t working for her and that is definitely paying close attention to your business. It is definitely some valuable information in that blog post.


I hope that each one of theses bloggers give you the motivation and confidence that they gave me to start my blog. As I am still learning and making mistakes alone they way that I will share with you guys. If this information was just the right information you need to start a blog then do it. One of my best days in my life was stepping out on faith and starting my blog and etsy business.

Thanks for reading. Leave comments on any other people that made you go for it and start a blog.






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