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Welcome back to Forever Young and Married Blog. Today I want to show you ways to earn extra cash from different cash back rewards.

I wish I knew about this is way to earn cash from all the shopping I used to do. Now I am always looking for easy ways to earn and save cash.

Cash back rewards are the best. My favorite one for all my online shopping is Ebates. Ebates is great, All you have to do is sign up for it and shop though ebates search engine.

Yes it is that easy just shop through the search engine and let the cash start adding up. What I really like about Ebates is not only do they give you cash back on any sites, but they give coupons ready for you to use. The best feature they have is the Ebates button added to your web browser, so it makes it much easier to shop through the site. As soon as you type in Wal-Mart the site ebate activation pops up in the corner of the website and tells you to click to activate cash back rewards now. Talk about how crazy is that. It is free and easy money.

Sign up today and get $10 with your first purchase and refer friends for up to $25 a friend. They will get $10 too with their first purchase.

Click here to earn your $10.

Now Ibotta, Check out 51, and other apps that give you rebate rewards as well. Theses sites work very well if you regular shop at the grocery store. It is just my husband and I, so I have tired to get into theses apps, but I haven’t had any big cash back from them.

Now there are so many apps out there like swagbucks, shopkick, and kroger. That I love to use to get cash rewards from or amazing coupons. Swagbucks is an app where you can earn cash back for taking surveys, shopping online, and watching trailers. It is really easy to get started and start earning gift cards to shop with.

Shopkick works for certain stores you shop at. When you walk into a Walmart or Target you get points. Then you can scan items as you shop around and link your card to app to get shop purchases when you buy items. Kroger is just another app that lets you look at the ad to see what is on sale and add coupons to your Kroger card. It is so easy to look through and add the coupons you need and then just go shopping. It is great way to save money without really trying.


Another cash back reward program I love is credit card cash back rewards. There are a few good credit cards rewards program.

  • Discover it®– Double Cash Back your first year
  • BankAmericard Cash Rewards™ Credit Card
  • Amex Everyday® Credit Card from American Express

Now I have these three cards that I use for my cash back rewards. The one I love the most is my Bank Americard cash rewards. I use to card to pay for everything even my bills. In the first four months of using in I already had over $100 in cash rewards. Now the only way I can make this work for me is every time I use the card I send the money from my bank account right over to my credit card.

Please do not wait until the bill comes to make a payment. Make payments through the entire month to keep the balance down or to pay the balance off. This the best way to stay on top of the game and at the same time doing this helps build your credit in the long run.

Thanks for reading. Now comment below on the ways you like to earn extra cash.

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