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Hi my name is Jelessa Tate- Toney (26) and my husband is Emanuel Toney (29). We have been dating since 2010 and got married in 2015. As a young couple that is now married we really didn’t know what to do next. I decided to start this blog to give a lending hands to others, so you guys can’t make the same mistake we made.

Marriage is not easy. A lot people want to be married, but do not have a clue on what it takes to be married. It is a lot of hard work, sacrifices, and compromise. There is no class course on how to be life long partners. Now in the society that we live in now marriage is not as common as it used to be. Now with social media and all the fake reality TV shows people are being misled to believe people life are better than they actually are.

I am not an expert on giving advice on marriage, but I have the experience and resources that helped saved my own young marriage.

3 tips to save your Failing Marriage: What I Learned through my Own Experience

  1. Christ In Your Marriage

Now for those of you guys who don’t believe in God will run when you see this, but for others who believe understand why is this so important. Having Christ in your marriage is so important to having a successful marriage. Marriage is a gift from god and without god that gift can be misunderstood.

For example our first year of marriage was hell. The devil was playing with both of us. He was pinning each other against one another and we almost threw in the towel. We were seeking for advice from the wrong people. The only person you SHOULD seek for advice for in your marriage is GOD. We started going to biblical marriage counseling and things started to make sense.

The miracle about having god in your marriage is that we never really address the issues and the mistake, but we were taught how to get closer to God within our Marriage. Getting closer to God drop off all the worries and sins in our marriage. Now I am not going to say that we are perfect, but we are prefect together. We have started praying together, going to church together, reading the bible together, and sharing our thoughts together. By putting God first in our marriage we have a better understanding of life. It has brought us closer than we expected. Build your marriage on the truth found in God’s Word, and it will remain strong.

  1. Communication

Communication is so important. If you ask any other married couple for advice on how to stay happily married 10 out of 10 would say communication plays a big role. For my generation communication is non-exist. When you guys are talking about serious issues follow theses three rules to have great communication.

Rule 1. Give each other your undivided attention. Turn off the tv, cellphones, and anything that will distract you from the conversation. Rule 2. No serious conversation through text message. That is the worst way to communicate because text message does not have any emotion involve and it is easy to misunderstand something through text. Rule 3. Never communicate while your angry. Now I can say that my husband and I still struggle at theses rules sometimes especially #3, but we catch ourselves quicker now in our wrongs and readdress the situation. Just remember that we are all human and we will make mistakes, but trying to make a change is what matters.

  1. Be Kind

Now this last tip might make you think. Being king is very important for your marriage. When you are kind you are more understanding and you are more passionate. Greet your spouse like it is the first time you saw them in weeks and kiss them like you will never see them again when they leave. Say thank you. I mean thank your wife for cleaning up the house so good and thank your husband for holding the house financially together. Say thank you to each other because it shows appreciation and love for one another. Let your guard down and be vulnerable with your spouse.

Follow the first tip with having god in your marriage then the rest will follow. God will teach you how to communicate and to be kind with one another. Now theses three tips are just some tips that I know helped my marriage. Start with god first 🙂

Now comment some ways below that helps your marriage strive for successful.

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