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Welcome back to Forever Young and Married Blog. Today I want to show you guys how to clean your candle jars out the easy way.

Today I am sharing with you guys some definitely money saver ideas when it comes to using  your old candle jars.

I know you guys got plenty of old candle jars just laying around the house that is not being used or being thrown away once you are done burning the candles. Why not repurpose those jars into something else. Their are plenty of things to do with old candle jars such as, Bathroom Storage, Make Up Containers, Plant Pot, Bigger Candle Holders and much more.

I am about to show you the easier way to change your old candle jars into great storage containers for everyday use.

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For this project you will need:

  1. Candle jars
  2. Kettle ( for your boiling hot water.)
  3. Dawn Soap (Any Dish Washing Liquids)
  4. Screw driver or Old Knife

This is by far the easiest way to clean your candle jars with the items that you have right there in your kitchen or home.

If you have candle wax in the jar just use an old knife or screw driver to pull it out. I take the screw driver and put holes at the bottom between the candle wax and the glass. Then I use hot boiling water from the kettle to soak inside the glass. Depending on how much wax is in the jar. The wax will just float up to the top of the jar.

Let the water cool down ( for about 15-20 minutes) before pulling the wax out. Once the wax is out pour hot boiling water in the jar to clean off the entire residue inside of the jar. The hot water just pulls the wax right up off the glass. Also, take your screw driver to get the candle plate out of the bottle of the glass if it does not come up with the hot water.


Then use some dish washing liquid to clean the jars and pull the labels right off while they are wet.

Now you have clean candle jars ready to use for some type of storage. Check out my post on how to turn your old candles containers into great bath storage holders.

Leave a comment and let me know what you are using your old candle jars for.

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