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Hello Loves,

My name is Jelessa Tate-Toney. Follow my journey as I blog about the marriage life of a young couple, money saving strategies, DIY projects, how to start a business, and organizing your life.

About Forever Young and Married

I created Forever Young and Married after our struggles during our first year of marriage. I started this blog to document my journey in my marriage life to inspire other young marry couples.

I am excited to have creative outlet in which I can share my every day lives with you guys. My husband and I have been on roller coaster trying to figure marriage out. Now we finally know what we are doing (lol) and I have to give god all the glory for that.  On forever young and married blog you will find great advice on marriage, budgeting tips, organizing your home/Life, traveling, and much more.

My Family

First of all, we meet back in college at the University of Memphis. Go Tigers!! He has a BA in Finances and I have a BA in Business Administration.

My husband has always had the mindset to be his own boss. From a young age he started an Italian Ice business in Atlanta, GA. To now he has a very successful moving company. We both have learned from first hand how hard starting your own business can be. Check out my new business venture at my Etsy Shop.

Fast forward to now where we have learned how to make things work through our own personal testimony.

Now we want to share theses tips and advice we have receive on improving our lifestyle. Our family is not perfect, but for the grace of god we are perfect for each other.

Welcome our new addiction to the Family. Mr. Rocko

Please email us at @ and introduce yourself. We would love to hear from you.

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